These are the soccer teams with the best history who everybody ought to know

Football is followed passionately by fans across the world, but do you understand who the largest teams in Europe are?

You cannot have a conversation about the historical past of soccer without mentioning among the biggest teams to come from Italy. The Rossoneri are famous throughout world football because of a few of the legendary footballers that have passed through over the years; not to overlook the many trophies that sit in their cabinets. This team are surely in the conversation for being the all time best football team, with such an extended history of playing amazing football. They have won the European cup seven times, which makes them the second most successful team in the tournament’s history! Their fans are looking forward to seeing the club contend with Europe’s greatest clubs this season and for the foreseeable future, which the AC Milan owner will be bearing in mind. This rise to being one of the top 10 teams in Europe is fantastic to see, with certainly more awards on the way in the coming years.

The beautiful game started in England, so the country obviously has a abundant history of footballing accomplishment. One team who are a prominent part of this, both historically and today, is most certainly The Reds. The present champions of Europe have won the trophy more than any other English club, a fantastic six times! As they're the existing champions, they must certanly be the best team in Europe on current form, so any team will be looking to avoid them when the knockout stages come around. They are still chasing the English division title however, following an almost 30-year dry run. Should they go on to secure that this season, there wouldn't be too many people arguing they are not the best football team in the world, which is exactly what the Liverpool owner would be longing for.

Naturally, when you think about a few of the greatest clubs in history, the sharp shirt of Los Blancos undoubtedly springs into mind. Although they may not be the best team in the world right now, you only have to go back one or two years to witness them win 3 European trophies in a row. The Real Madrid owner will be able to tell you that they’ve won way more European trophies than anybody else in history and countless Spanish titles to add to that. It’s quite striking just how decorated they are as a team and they’ve had the strongest football team quite a few occasions through the years. To add more to this, they’re the most valuable team in the world, so it’s no surprise that so many of the greatest players are yearning to play for them every year.

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